Frequency Central Routemaster DIY Kit

Frequency Central Routemaster DIY Kit

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A simple to build combined power supply and busboard with Audiocapacitors 10000 Hours at 105°C


  • Powered from a 12VAC wallwart (not part of this kit)

  • This kit is for Euro. There are options for MOTM, or Dotcom power headers on the PCB

  • The supply is adjustable for +/-12V or +/-15V using multi-turn trimmers

  • There is an onboard 5V supply too.

  • Dimensions: 249mm x 70mm


Recommended for 500mA from each power rail (+12V 500mA, -12V 500mA), altogether 1A (1000mA).


This kit is for usage with a 12VAC walwart. As described in the build doc, the power supply also can be used with a transformer. However, using it with a transformer is defenitely not suitable for beginners. Mistakes done here can kill you! If you're not 100% sure how to handle this DON'T DO IT. This is why we don't offer any support for this option.



We carefully selected and assorted the parts of the Frequency Central kits ourselves and also put special emphasis on quality - audio grade electrolytics in the audio signal path, resistors form Yageo and Royalohm, Alpha pots, quality jacks, precision sockets and switches, etc.


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