TubeOhm Phoenix/Shruti CD4069 DIY Kit


TubeOhm Phoenix/Shruti CD4069 DIY Kit

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Shruthi/Phoenix synth with CD 4069 IC filter


Limited edition of the Phoenix/Shruthi synth with a CD 4069 IC filter. A similar filter was used in the EDP WASP synthesizer.

This edition also has 4 CV inputs (0-10V). There's one additional SMT IC, which is solderable.


Full DIY kit



  • Monophonic synthesizer, midi controlled
  • 2 digital oscillators, 1 sub oscillator, 2 LFO , 2 ADSR generators
  • 1 Step sequencer , 1 Arp


  • Filter using a CD 4069 IC
  • LP and BP with distortion modes
  • Audio in

Control possibilities:

  • 12-fold internal modulation matrix
  • 4 external CV in , 0-10V, overvoltage and reverse polarity protected
  • CVs are assigned to the targets in the modulation matrix
  • Max. input frequency 10-20Hz



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