Blinkenlights Vactrol VCF PCB/Panel


Blinkenlights Vactrol VCF PCB/Panel

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The Blinkenlights analog Voltage Controlled Multimode Filter with Band Pass, Low Pass and High Pass outputs and voltage controlled resonance.

PCB/panel set


I love the sound of this Vactrol VCF. The vactrols have a short 'memory' and the relationship between the Control Voltage and the output frequency is not perfectly linear, so this module can introduce interesting artifacts and textures into your sound. Additionally, the resonance is on steroids. You have full control all the way from none, tasteful, sine wave, up to a nasty clipped 'square wave' resonance.



  • +12V 29mA, -12V 27mA

  • no 5V connection - 10 pin power connector

  • 6HP wide

  • 82mm deep

  • Voltage controlled cutoff frequency

  • Toggle between linear and logarithmic frequency control

  • Voltage controlled resonance

  • Band Pass, Low Pass, High Pass outputs

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