Barton Random Resonator BMC013

Barton Random Resonator BMC013

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BMC013 Random Resonator, PCB + IC

Alters the timbre of oscillators

This is a somewhat minimalist module used to alter the timbre of an oscillator. There is a blend knob which lets the user select how much of the original oscillator is present, and a complexity knob controlling how complex the new timbres being added might be.


This circuit takes an incoming VCO signal and whenever the signal transitioned from negative to positive it triggers a series of short pulses. The Random Resonator selects amplitudes, lengths and the number of pulses completely at random (surprise!). A loop switch toggles whether the resonator will repeat the series of pulses at it's end or not. When the New button is pressed a new random series of pulses is generated. The complexity level of the new series of pulses depends on the setting of the complexity knob when the button is pressed.


For schematics, circuit description, a parts list, construction information and links to demos, check out this PDF.


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